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Welcome to Broddanes hostel
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Broddanes is located on the south side of Kollafjörður in the Strandasýsla county. The road from the south stretches along Hrútafjörður and Bitrufjörður before crossing the Ennisháls pass.  The Ennisháls summit offers a magnificient view over Broddanes and the Húnaflói Bay and on a clear day, exending all the way south to the glaciers in central Iceland, Eiríksjökull and Langjökull.
Broddanes is named after the rocks, Broddar, which are located at the very end of Ennisháls, right between Kollafjörður and Bitrufjörður. The Sagas tell us that the first settler in Broddanes, Broddi is buried right next to the Broddar rocks.  The remains of his alleged grave can still be seen there.

The nature in the Broddanes area is very special. The coastline is diverse with small peninsulas and bays, creeks, islets and skerries. The wildlife is at the same time unique. Seals swim along the coastline and there is great opportunity to see various species of birds such as puffins, eider ducks, black guillemots, ringed plovers, skuas and fulmars to name a few. Big bird santuaries can also be found on the small islets and the skerries at Broddanes and the place is a paradise for bird watchers.

Broddanes is a well known place, particularly in the past for its abundance of driftwood, proximity to fishing grounds, eiderduck down harvesting, bird and seal hunting as well as egg picking and it was once said that Broddanes had all available fringe benefits on place could have, excluding salmon river fishing. Three farmers live now in Broddanes utilizing the place for conventional sheep farming along with some of the above mentioned fringe benefits.

The school at Broddanesi was established in 1978 and it serverd as a grammar school for the communities in Bitrufjordur and Kollafjordur. Teaching was abolished in 2004.

Broddanes is located only 35 km south of Hólmavík where guests can find a convenient store, swimming pool and a golf course.  Hólmavík is also the home of the Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft.

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Broddanes is a bird watching paradise. Puffins, eider ducks, black guillemots, ringed plovers, skuas, fulmars and other arfuglfeathered friends are common in the area while seals hang about on the coastline. The landscape is equally diverse with its small peninsulas, creeks, islets and skerries. Further informations can be found here

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The place offers a diverse nature where it is easy to find good hiking routes along the coastline to explore the diverse wildlife.

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Broddanes is located on the south side of Kollafjörður in the Strandasýsla county, 240 km from Reykjavík and 35 km south of Hólmavík.


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