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Welcome to Broddanes

Broddanes Hostel is a small, friendly, family-run guest house that caters to travelers from all over the world. The guest house is on the ground floor of the house and all rooms have shared toilets and showers. Travelers can enjoy a well equipped kitchen and a lounge and dining area where they can enjoy the view, read books or browse the free internet provided. 


Broddanes is named after the rocks, Broddar, which are located at the very end of Ennisháls, right between Kollafjörður and Bitrufjörður. According to the legend  the first settler in Broddanes, Broddi is buried right next to the Broddar rocks.  The remains of his alleged grave can still be seen there.


In the Area

Broddanes and the surrounding area offer a variety of activities and entertainment.

The place itself offers a very special nature. There is a varied coastline, headlands, scales, islands, islets and skerries and it is easy to find beautiful hiking trails along the coast where you can admire the diverse and unique wildlife. Seals swim by the shore and in the area there are great opportunities to see the various species of birds, e.g. puffins, eider ducks, teals, sandpipers, terns. You also find amazing bird life on the islands and skerries at Broddanes making it a paradise for those who want to get to know and see birds. The puffin lives on small island close to the hosel where you can watch them from the shore. The puffins arrive in the beginning of May and depart in the middle of August. 

We have 4 sit-on-top kayaks that you can rent at the hostel. It is good way to get close to the seals and birds on a good day and enjoy the nature from different view.

Broddanes is only 35 km south of Hólmavík where there is a shop, swimming pool, horse rental, restaurants and whale watching boat. There is also The Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft museum,which is a history exhibition about magic and wizards in Iceland. At Sævangur, just south of Hólmavík, is The Sheep Farming museum,  a museum about sheep farming then and now.

You can go on various day trips from Broddanes, visiting Reykhólasveit and Dalir or even the inner parts of Ísafjarðardjúp. You can also visit Bjarnafjörður where you can find “Kotbýli Kuklarans” and Drangsnes, with its famous hot tub at the shore, or you can go fishing and even take the boat  to Grímsey in Steingrímsfjörður.

There are various events in Strandir during the summer. These include Bryggjuhátíð in Drangsnes, Happy Days in Hólmavík, Furðuleikar in Sævangur, Íslandsmeistaramót (Best in the Country) in judging rams to name a few.

Nature & Location

Broddanes is located on the south side of Kollafjörður in the Strandasýsla county. The road from the south stretches along Hrútafjörður and Bitrufjörður before crossing the Ennisháls pass.  The Ennisháls summit offers a magnificient view over Broddanes and the Húnaflói Bay and on a clear day, exending all the way south to the glaciers in central Iceland, Eiríksjökull and Langjökull.

The nature in the Broddanes area is very special. The coastline is diverse with small peninsulas and bays, creeks, islets and skerries. The wildlife is at the same time unique. Seals swim along the coastline and there is great opportunity to see various species of birds such as puffins, eider ducks, black guillemots, ringed plovers, skuas and fulmars to name a few. Big bird santuaries can also be found on the small islets and the skerries at Broddanes and the place is a paradise for bird watchers.


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